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We provide long-term disinfection coating service that is effective on killing a variety of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.

HUMANSA has always been committed to providing customers with quality service experience.

We understand your concern and the importance of keeping the environment safe and clean for you and your important ones. Thus, Humansa recently joined hands with Germagic to provide the Germagic MAP-1 long-term disinfection coating service, a long-lasting coating for your peace of mind and safety.

Service Highlights

Effective on killing 99.9% COVID-19
100% made in Hong Kong
Passed 100+ tests performed by reputable laboratories
Killing viruses within 60 seconds
Long-lasting for 180 days*
Safe to Human and Animals

* 90 days disinfection coating service is also available


Germagic MAP-1 is an antiviral coating technology that is certified by a United States Environmental Protection Agency-accredited laboratory on effectively killing 99.9% of the virus responsible for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). It has also undergone more than 100 third-party tests conducted in the United States, Australia, Hong Kong and etc.


Germagic MAP-1 stands for “Multilevel Antimicrobial Polymers”. The polymers that are applied on object surfaces will kill microbes with three different mechanisms.

Principle of disinfection


When microbes reach the surface of the coating, they come in contact with the contact-killing agents and are eliminated.


The polymer which encapsulates volatile biocides are continuously released. The microbes are further eliminated when they come in contact with these biocides.


The mechanism promotes the contact-killing and release-killing process as it prevents germs from piling up.
It was achieved by careful selection of a special encapsulant material which promotes the anti-adhesion effect.

Service Procedures

Step 1
The service team will first get to know about the environment.
Step 2
The team will apply the coating to the environment including the surfaces of objects, walls, furniture and etc.
Step 3
Keep ventilation in good condition; the coating will dry in 15-20 minutes to form a long-term disinfection coating.

Applicable Scenarios

The long-term disinfection coating service has been widely used in various scenarios.
  • Medical Institution
  • Elderly Home & Day Care Center
  • Office
  • Residence
  • Education Institution
  • Retail


About Technology

  • Germagic MAP-1 long term disinfection coating is certified by United States Environmental Protection Agency-accredited laboratory on effectively killing 99.9% of the virus responsible for coronavirus disease (SARS-CoV-2).

  • Germagic MAP-1 has been verified by authoritative laboratory test that its effect can last for 180 days. Moreover, a 6-month experiment was previously conducted at hospital under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. It was found that with coating applied, partition curtains has 99% less microbial count comparing with uncoated curtains.

  • Hong Kong's fast-paced lifestyle makes it hard to clean frequently with products that last shorter or evaporate quickly. Thus the coating is designed to provide extra protection by complementing and bridging the gaps between routine cleanings. It is recommended to maintain routine cleaning and high-standard of personal hygiene.

About Service Procedure

  • It depends on different factors such as the complexity of the environment and the number of objects at the venue. In general, it takes an hour to complete coating application to an area of 5,000 sq. ft. .

  • To ensure that the coating can land and attach onto the surfaces, we suggest cleaning the environment and objects beforehand, and opening cabinets, wardrobes and drawers in advance. Also please ensure the surfaces are dry.

  • After service, please maintain adequate ventilation. The coating will dry after approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards 1:99 bleach could be used for daily cleaning as usual.

About Applicability

  • The coating is applicable to most commonly seen surfaces, including glass, wood, plastics, metal, leather, fabric and etc.

  • Yes. The pH value of the coating solution is 7.81 and thus will not corrode surfaces. The coating has also been applied in scenarios such as hospitals, offices, elevators and ambulances, and hence it does not affect the surfaces of electronic appliances and devices.

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